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Our BAC mothers want to say a VERY, VERY SPECIAL 'THANKS' to Elder Foreman (our Men's President) and the Men's Committee, Pastor Albert Rapley (our Pastor), Elder Herrol Sadler (our Asst Pastor) and all the men who participated in saluting the mothers in a 'drive-by' on Mother's Day.  


Thanks also to some of our young people (members of the praise team) who also helped. 


There were about fifteen (15) cars and they spent over four (4) hours on the road going to each house tooting with balloons, presenting cards etc. This was a tremendous surprise which made us happy and brought a smile to our lips. Keep growing from strength to strength and keep up the great work!! We love you all, God bless!


Here are some of the responses from a few of the mothers:

mothers day.JPG

Sis Avis Craig: Hi to all the men and young ladies who took part in my Mother’s Day drive-by. Thank you all so much, you made my day. It was truly a surprise, thanks again.

Sis Kay Wilson:  Hi Elder Foreman, I want to thank the Men'a department for thinking of the mothers and for coming up with such a creative and unique way of acknowledging us, especially with the restrictions and limitations we are facing with this pandemic.  This gesture was much appreciated!

Sis Claudia Verlysdonk: Thank you to all my Brothers (and Sis Janae Rapley, Sis Tamikah Smeikle and

Sis LaShaye Batiste) at BAC for the wonderful surprise parade. You are an awesome group of men! It was amazing to see you all especially during this time of social-distancing.  Thank you for making this Mother’s Day celebration a specially blessed day. The look of wonder on the neighbors’ faces was an added bonus. I will surely remember today for years to come.

Sis Jackie Rapley: WOW!!! I don’t know where to begin! I must say a GREAT BIG “THANK YOU” to all the brothers and youths who were involved in the absolutely amazing surprise on Mother’s Day. I was blown away. Elder Forman, Elder Sadler, Pastor Rapley and all the other brothers and youths who were involved in the drive-by dedicated to the mothers of BAC, you are truly one of a kind. I understand you all spent approximately four hours driving around the city to pay tribute to the mothers and words cannot express my thankfulness and appreciation for making us feel so very special. I pray that the Lord will bless you more than you can imagine. Love you all to the moon and back.

Sis Annmarie Sadler: It's rarely that I get surprised but the men got me good on Mother's Day! I was so surprised and it made me feel special and appreciated. I couldn't stop laughing and it just helped to put the 'topping on the cake' of an awesome day! I felt so proud I posted it on my family chat, then called my mom and excitedly relived everything, boasting about my Bethlehem Church family and of course emphasizing the Men's department. I love my beautiful card and just about everything. I have participated in a few birthday 'drive by' for some of  our young people but didn't realize how special this was until it happened to me!!  Men, you were outstanding, hats off to you all!!!!!!!!!

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