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Bethlehem Apostolic Church (BAC), Regina - is a multi-cultural group of people. The church was incorporated in 1999 as a result of the vision and thrust of a small group who started to gather by themselves for worship in 1994 and whose desire was to reach the un-churched and to have a dedicated place of worship where services could be held on a consistent basis.


These pioneers included Deacon G.R. & Missionary A. Leon, Sis. Hyacinth Leon, Bro. Delroy & Sis. Margaret Miller and their families. They became concerned as believers were added to their fellowship but adequate space was not available. When their homes could no longer accommodate the growing number of people they sometimes rented the community centre for short periods. To address this issue and as they prayed for an answer to this dilemma they decided to reach out to the leadership of Bethel United Apostolic Church in Edmonton where they have been visiting, since 1989, for help to establish a branch in Regina.


Overseer O.G. Simpson (Bethel United Apostolic Church), visited Regina to review and assess the situation. Satisfied that this was in line with God’s direction, he approached the then Minister Albert Rapley about pastoring the ministry in Regina. Minister Albert Rapley, his wife Jacqueline and their three children accepted the call and moved to Regina in 1999.


After about a year and with the ministry growing, the brethren were able to purchase a building at 3500 Regina Avenue. Minister Albert Rapley was later appointed Pastor.


Over the years Bethlehem Apostolic Church has grown tremendously; many lives have been transformed, addictions broken, bodies healed and lives delivered by the power of God.


Bethlehem Apostolic Church is a thriving, dynamic and inspirational body of believers whose ultimate goal is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to every resident in Regina and across Canada.

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