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Children's Church


The Children ministry seeks to help children between the ages of three and eleven-years develop spiritually within a safe and fun environment and help them foster a relationship with God.



The Outreach & Evangelism ministry seeks to motivate and mobilize members of the assembly to consistently and fervently share the gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone. The ministry engages in activities such as tract distribution, person-to-person witnessing, outdoor services, and prison ministry.



The Couples Ministry seeks to strengthen marriages through various introductory as well as detailed programs geared toward building better unions; whether it be just looking for a fun date night together, learning to communicate better, or seeking spiritual support through difficult times. The ministry is based on biblical principles which espouse family values.  As part of this thrust, the ministry also engenders an atmosphere where couples can deepen their relationship with God and amongst themselves.



The Ladies’ ministry provides a nurturing environment where women are encouraged and equipped to build relationships, develop their natural and spiritual gifts and promote active involvement in the church and community. The ministry also provides ways for women to connect, share, be rejuvenated, inspired and live their God-given purpose



The goal of this ministry is for men to express their purpose, spirituality and leadership in all facets of their lives. The ministry seeks to equip men to live for Christ at home, church, the workplace and in the community. The ministry also challenges men to become strong leaders, loving husbands, better fathers and committed followers of Christ. 


The Youth ministry seeks to create a spirit-filled atmosphere with worship, a fun-filled and friendly environment where young people come together to share God’s word, fellowship, and uplift each other. A dynamic group, where every youth participates by showcasing his or her God-given talents and abilities.



The Music ministry shares the gospel of Jesus Christ and compliments the services through the use of a variety musical instrument, songs, praise and worship. As an integral part of worship, individuals and groups help to create the atmosphere for the anointing.



The prayer ministry an essential element of the church, equips, enables and actively encourages members to pray daily and effectively. In reliance on the Holy Spirit, the prayer ministry consistently prays for God's power, love, guidance and healing on the congregation and for the wider community.

Christian Education


This ministry recognizes that biblical teaching and learning are essential elements of the Christian walk. Through active participation in this program, individuals acquire the tools and skills needed to grow spiritually, lead others to Christ and develop their spiritual gift for use in edifying the Body of Christ. 


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